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Gamsat 2013
The original & best Gamsat preparation book - since 2005

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Gamsat 2013

Griffiths Gamsat Review is updated every year, the 2013 edition will be released around late August, early September 2012.

The advantage of the e-book format means that the book can be updated as often as necessary to be kept current of any developments. The Gamsat 2013 edition will reflect any changes to either the format of the test or to any of the test centre procedures of which there have been several in recent years.

It is very important that candidates are aware of these changes to avoid having any nasty surprises on the day of the test. Previous candidates who bought the Gamsat Review have frequently remarked how useful the chapter on the "Day Of The Test" was in the book.

I also annually update the chapter of the book dealing with entrance requirements of the different universities so that students can maximize their chances of being accepted onto a program by applying to the universities where they have the maximum probability of meeting the entrance requirements. The 2013 edition of the book will also reflect this information.

Unlike physical books the unique pdf format of the Griffiths Gamsat Review means that the content is completely up to date every year. Students are not getting a book published several years ago which was produced in a large print run (the only way of making physical books economically viable) and which will remain on the shelves until they are sold.

The Gamsat 2013 version of the book will not suffer from this handicap.

The format of the book also allows me to keep prices down. Griffiths Gamsat Review was first published in 2005 when it was the first and only Gamsat preparation book on the market. Since then a number of imitators have flooded the market. Nevertheless students will appreciate that Griffiths Gamsat Review is still probably amoung the cheapest gamsat materials available. I don't believe in ripping people off. The price of the book has only risen once since 2005.

At the current time I do not plan any price increases for the 2013 version of the book.