Gamsat Practice Questions - Full Length Gamsat Practice Test

This is a full length GAMSAT Practice Test with fully worked solutions.

As in the real test this practice paper is composed of 75 Section I questions, two essay questions for Section II and 110 science questions for Section III.

All the questions have been handpicked to resemble as closely as possible genuine Gamsat style questions.

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Gamsat Practice Questions
Gamsat Practice Questions - Gamsat Practice Tests
Gamsat Practice Questions - Gamsat Practice Tests
The original & best Gamsat preparation book - since 2005

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This gives you the opportunity to gain vital extra question practice and to develop your problem solving and timing skills which will be an essential part of your Gamsat success.

For Section I hone your reading comprehension skills, ability to interpret complex data sets and  understand emotional cues by practicing questions based on texts, poems, cartoons, charts and diagrams.

This covers virtually every scenario which could arise in the reasoning in the humanities and social sciences part of the test.

For Section II practice your essay writing skills with two brand new original and realistic essay questions, each one based on five quotations just like the real test.

For Section III work your way through 110 ultra realistic biological science questions based on the key areas  of

biology, chemistry and physics in the same proportions as they occur in an actual Gamsat scenario. We have also made a special effort to make sure that these questions include many questions on "gamsat favourites" or topics which tend to crop up in gamsat questions quite frequently.

All questions have fully worked solutions leaving you in no doubt how to solve the problems
Download INSTANTLY in pdf format!
Print out the whole book if you want  - no printing restrictions
Gain valuable extra question practice and gain an edge over your competition
Ultra realistic Gamsat style questions
Learn by doing , develop key skills

NO time limit on access unlike other question banks being sold. The pdf is downloaded to your computer, use as long as you want.

FULL LENGTH - 75 section I questions, 2 Essay questions, 110 science questions
100% Risk Free
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want everyone who invests in this Full Length Practice Test to be completely happy. If after -

- Working through all the realistic Gamsat style questions based on all key areas of the test

- Marking your test using the fully worked comprehensive explanations to learn how to solve tricky questions and:

-Analysing your performance based on your results to guide your further areas of study

you don't feel what you have done will improve your Gamsat score then just let me know and I'll refund your money straight away. No questions asked.

That's my personal guarantee.

The Full Length Practice Test with fully worked solutions is £34.95

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I recommend you complete these gamsat practice questions under test conditions. Print the question book out and devote an entire day to taking the test as you will on the real test day.

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