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Gamsat Revision Resources

This is a new section to my website. I will be posting regular links, videos & gamsat revision resources to help your gamsat preparation. As more stuff is added I will organise it into categories.

Eventually there will be separate gamsat revision sections for biology, chemistry and physics.

VIDEO: Introduction to organic chemistry in plain English ==>
MATHS for Gamsat: Log scales explained ==>

Re-arranging equations: KEY Gamsat skill ==> this comes up in so many questions. Check out this FREE online tutorial ==> this is a great Gamsat revision resource ==>

More resources added every week, check back regularly.
Gamsat Revision - Like A Boss
Gamsat Revision Resources
Gamsat Revision Resources
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Keeping Yourself Motivated For Gamsat Revision

A key aspect of you gamsat revision is keeping yourself motivated. The vast majority of gamsat candidates will either be studying something else, such as another degree, or be in full time employment while they try and prepare for gamsat. Sitting down to study some pretty tedious physics or organic chemistry in the little spare time that you have is going to be hard going.Trying to find ways of preparing  for gamsat papers I and II is even harder as there is a paucity of resources available.

Follow these ideas to keep yourself motivated and stay productve:

Have a plan - you should have an overall plan of how you will organise your studies from now until the test. This will influence each individual study session as it will show you how much needs to be done each time to finish the program before the test day.

Study for short periods at a time - classic advice but asier said than done. The temptation is always to keep ploughing on, but over time that approach will lead to burnout.

Plan fun activities now and again to relieve the monotony of your gamsat preparation.

Try and make contact with other gamsat students. if you don't know anyone personally there are many gamsat groups on Facebook. Look some up. You can motivate each other and share tips.

Use trusted resources to make your studying more efficient. In addition to Griffiths Gamsat Review there are other gamsat resources available on this site to make life easier for you. Use the free resources on this page and the free practice questions also on this site. Consider doing my Gamsat Essay Course if you feel you need coaching in that area. I also recommend my Full Length Practice Test for much needed extra question practice.

Physics for Gamsat

There are some topics which seem to be particularly feared by gamsat students - for example organic chemistry. Many other students seem to worry about the physics questions. If your gamsat revision has hit a wall over physics, then maybe this short video will help. This covers a common gamsat theme in physics questions and shows you how to solve series and parallel circuit diagrams and working out equivalent resistance. This video assumes that the viewer knows that resistors placed in series are added and that resistors placed in parallel are added as reciprocals. This is all explained further in the video.

Gamsat Preparation YouTube Video

My new video on YouTube. OK so this isn't going to help you with your gamsat revision but I just made a new video for YouTube & I wanted to post it here. While looking around on YouTube for materials to post here I realised that a load of other gamsat preparation companies are posting videos on there so I thought I might as well get in on the action.


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NO CALCULATORS allowed in Gamsat => how to calculate square root manually =>

Gamsat Maths Skills => Logarithms =>

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