If you think that "being yourself" and just convincing the interview panel that you really want to be a doctor will get you a place at med-school it may be time to re-evaluate your strategy.

The med schools have their own ideas of what makes a good doctor and the questions they ask may leave you searching for an answer. What would you say in answer to the following? -

"Why do you want to be a doctor and not a nurse?"

"What are the ethical issues involved in research?"

"What are the advantages and disadvantages of a PBL course?"

"You have one liver available for transplant, but two patients with equal medical need. One is an ex-alcoholic mother with two young children, the other a 13 year old with an inborn liver abnormality. How would you decide to whom it should be given?"

Ace Your Medical School Interview gives advice on all aspects of interview preparation and contains many of the questions you could be asked AND the answers the med schools want to hear.

                             Suitable for UK and International Students

What's in the book?

Here’s the contents page of the book –

  • Why you need this book
  • How to use this book
  • Four things to do before your interview

4 vital steps to take before your interview

  • Insider dealing

Gain an edge !

  • Dress for success
  • The waiting game
  • The initial rapport technique
  • The handshake
  • The long walk
  • Dirty tricks

Don't fall for these dirty tricks the interviewers use to unsettle you

  • Body language
  • 4 types of interview questions

Knowing these basic categories decides what type of answer to give

  • Top 10 questions

Top 10 questions asked as actually reported by real candidates

  • Top 5 interview mistakes

Making one of these mistakes could ruin your chances

  • The repeating the question technique

A useful tip if you need time to think of an answer

  • The putting it in context ploy

Another useful strategy to gain time

  • 66 typical questions and suggested answers

66 most common questions as actually reported by real candidates & suggested answers. Organised by category :

The medical school
The course
Motivation for medicine
Appreciation of the realities of medicine
Medical work experience
Other work experience
Interest in medicine
Personal qualities & achievements
Personal interests
Experience & knowledge of teamwork
Communication skills
Self awareness & personal development
Knowledge of the NHS
Population health
Gender & cultural awareness
Issues involved in research

  • Answering ethical case studies

How to deal with difficult scenarios which will be thrown at you

  • Questions you should ask
  • Finishing
  • What if the interview was unfair?
  • Full list of questions

A list of 153 questions which have actually been asked in interviews as reported by real candidates


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Ace Your Medical School Interview
Ace Your Medical School Interview

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