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Gamsat 2014
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Gamsat 2014

Griffiths Gamsat Review is updated every year, the Gamsat 2014 edition will be released around late August, early September 2013.

While it is much too early to say at this stage any likely changes to the book it is important to note that Griffiths Gamsat Review is updated every single year.

This allows me to ensure that the contents accurately reflect the content of the test and also that the section dealing with the test centre procedures gives you plenty of warning about any issues you will face.

This is one of the big advantages of producing the book in pdf format. As well as allowing me to keep the cost down I can also update the book continuously without the handicap of having to produce certain print runs.

Check back on this page nearer the test date of gamsat 2014 for the latest news.

gamsat 2014